The Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 celebrate educational technology from the last 12 months that has excelled in supporting teachers, students and education professionals in the classroom, for professional development or general management of education resources and learning.

Whether the product is for those in Primary, Secondary or Higher Education, these awards provide a great opportunity for innovative edtech companies to gain exposure to Tech & Learning's readership. 

The entry deadline is currently set for January 17th, 2023. Begin your entry by clicking the button below or continue to read through the awards site for more information on eligibility, benefits for entering and information on the Awards of Excellence.

Benefits of entering the awards

All winners receive a 'winner's package'. This includes a fully-licensed winners badge for in-house promotion, a designed social post, press release and template winners email.

Winning products will be showcased in a special edition of Tech & Learning distributed to our readership, which is built of education professionals, district leaders and school administrators. 

A Tech & Learning Award of Excellence: Best of 2022 is a highly recognized accolade provided to only the best in EdTech, based on evaluation by a panel of education-experts.

How Nominees Are Evaluated

Tech & Learning is looking for the brightest new products in the educational space – the tech that’s been turning heads and helping teachers and students to learn faster, easier, and more successfully than ever before.

Each nominee will have to answer the following questions: 

  1. What specific problem does this product solve?
  2. How did your product exceptionally support teaching and learning in 2022?
  3. How does your product address the challenges facing education today?

So what does that mean in practice? It means our judges will be thinking about questions like:

  • Is your product easy to use and include support for teachers as needed? 
  • Does your product simplify and enhance the teaching and learning experience? 
  • Is your product flexible to support both in-person and asynchronous online teaching and learning? 
  • How is your product unique compared to other products in the market?
  • Can your product be easily integrated with other products being used in schools? 

Tech&Learning's panel of educators and judges will evaluate each of these answers, along with the product descriptions, images and case studies. The panel will score each product on Ease of use, Value, Versatility, and Utility. Those products which score highly across the criteria will be named a winner in this year's Awards of Excellence: The Best of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any company that has a product that supports innovative, effective teaching and learning which launched, relaunched or saw a significant upgrade or version introduced in 2022 is eligible. 


Winning an Award of Excellence tells the industry that your product has been approved by the most important audience - the educators themselves. The top products will be selected and featured in a special edition of Tech & Learning magazine. In addition to promotion through Tech & Learning, winners will receive a winners package containing a range of assets, in addition to a full-licensed winners badge, to promote their success.


All entries are due by 11:59pm EST, January 17th, 2023,

Single Entry:  $625

2-4 Entries: $595 per entry

5+ Entries: $525 per entry

The categories are broken down into Primary (Tools for K-6 grade education), Secondary (7-12) and Higher Ed. You may enter the same product into multiple categories.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

Entering the Awards of Excellence is easier than ever: 

  1. Register your product
    Fill out our new online form to get started. If you can’t do it all at once, we’ll automatically save your progress for later.
  2. Fill out the nomination form
    Answer the nomination questions and upload any supporting images, case studies and testimonials
  3. Submit your application
     Simply save and submit your application, and pay the entry fee by credit card. 


Winners will be announced in January 2023 and featured in a special issue of Tech & Learning following the announcement.

If you have any questions about nominations please contact Jon Massingham (



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Editorial questions

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