With the 2023-24 school year approaching, Tech & Learning is back with the Awards of Excellence: Back to School awards here to help readers find the most impressive products and solutions that will support their work in any learning environment.

Tech & Learning is seeking nominations for products that offer schools versatility, value, and solutions to specific problems to support innovative, effective teaching and learning. From security solutions to LMSs to hardware and software, this new award will recognize both new and legacy technology that support effective teaching and learning practices in the new school year.

Why Enter?

Winning an AOE for the best products and solutions for Back to School is more than just acknowledgement from Tech & Learning's editors, it's a fantastic way to showcase your products and their contributions to education: 

Winner packages, including a badge and pre-made social assets, will be distributed for use on product marketing and collateral, fully licensed for global usage.

Winning products will be showcased in a special edition of Tech & Learning distributed to over 70,000 district leaders and school administrators. 

An Award of Excellence represents the highest approval rating  - based on evaluation by actual educators using education technology every day. 


How to win

Tech & Learning awards programs can be a great way to show the market that your product has an expert seal of approval, but what are Tech & Learning judges looking for in a winning product?

Here are 3 insider tips

Tell a story: Include examples of how your products have helped real schools solve real challenges.

Explain the value: The number one question educators ask is: how much is it? Be up front about your product costs and even if your product cost is on the high end, explain why schools will still see an ROI on the investment.

Connect the dots: Explain why your product can easily integrate with products and systems already in place in schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Awards of Excellence are an award program recognizing innovation in the edtech industry. Tech & Learning magazine’s Awards of Excellence program for Back to School is a way to celebrate the most impressive products and solutions that support the work of teachers, students, and parents as they prepare for the new 2023-24 school year. 

Any company that has a product that supports innovative, effective teaching and learning (it can be a new or legacy product). 


Winning an Award of Excellence tells the industry that your product has been approved by the most important audience - the educators themselves. The top products will be selected and featured in a special edition of Tech & Learning magazine reaching over 70,000 edtech professionals


All entries are due by 23:59 EST, August 30, 2023.

Single Entry: $595

2-4 Entries: $525 (use code MULTIENTRIES2023)

5+ Entries: $495 (use code MAXENTRIES2023)

Please note that all discount code entries are checked and verified once submitted.

The categories are broken down into Primary (Tools for K-6 grade education), Secondary (7-12) and Higher Ed. You can enter the same product into multiple categories.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

Entries will be passed through a panel of Tech & Learning advisors. Evaluation criteria includes:

  • Ease of use
  • Value
  • Versatility 
  • Product solves a problem


Winners will be announced in September 2023 and featured in a special issue of Tech & Learning. 

If you have any questions about nominations please contact Jon Massingham (jon.massingham@futurenet.com)



Senior Marketing Manager

Jon Massingham




Content Director, Tech & Learning

Christine Weiser